The Soulful Vocals of Florida-based Queer Star Billy Mick Return on ‘You’ll Never Know’

“If you took the time to look outside your bubble, You’d see that the whole damn worlds in trouble,” Florida based LGBTQ+ star Billy Mick sings on his new single You’ll Never Know. Packing soulful vocals and a tonne of heart into the the new single, Billy tackles the maddening idea that in 2020 we still need to have conversations with people about how prejudice and bigotry are wrong.

Singing against rollicking pop-rock production, Billy’s vocals retain the smooth and soulful quality that won us over on his previous single Flesh and Bone. Billy accompanies the track with a colourful video which beautifully incorporates the bold tones of the pride flag, further encapsulating the themes of equality, acceptance, and love the Billy packs his music with.

You can connect with Billy below.