Country Star Dierks Bentley Debuts New Era With Contemplative Radio-Friendly Single ‘Gone’

Dierks Bentley closes the door on his previous musical chapters The Mountain and Hot Country Knights, beginning the journey towards his newest studio album with lead single Gone. The contemplative track produced by David Garcia sees Dierks’ protagonist pine for a lost relationship, with production ranging from radio-friendly bluegrass to slick contemporary country.

Dierks notes: “I moved out West with my family in March, and have been living in a small mountain town….making up for lost time with them. Between the adventures, there has been a lot of music. I’ve been writing a lot songs, listening to a lot of great songs from the Nashville songwriting community, hosting my apple radio show, helping my daughter’s with their own community radio show…and just playing and singing for fun.”

Gone is written by Nicolle Galyon, Ben Johnson and Niko Moon and features lines like “I’ve been a million places, But they’re all up in my head, Overdrinking, overthinking ever since you left,” with themes of heartbreak powering through the slick guitar centric production.

Stream the new track from Dierks above.