Scottish Synthpop Talent Venn Smyth Returns With ‘They Come for You’

Scottish rising pop talent Venn Smyth won us over with his Summer dancepop anthem Sunrise, so we are massively excited to share his follow-up track They Come For You. Like many of Venn’s releases, the song talks about universal issues through a unique queer perspective, with Venn drawing inspiration from Martin Niemöller’s post-war poem “First they came…” The singer notes:

“‘They Come for You’ was written in the studio before Covid-19, when discussing the experience of being gay, white privilege and the climate crisis. The song’s message of speaking out and standing up for others feels even more important today.”

With production from Jack Gourlay, Venn’s vocals soar above the Erasure-inspired buoyant electropop production. Once again the track showcases Venn’s special ability to craft music that feels authentic and heartfelt, but retains that impeccable danceable quality – something also captured in Sunrise and Burn Me.

Venn will be dropping EP Build This House Again before the end of 2020, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Connect with Venn below:
Instagram: @vennsmyth
Twitter: @vennsmyth
Facebook: @vennsmyth

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