Ukrainian Vidbir Favourite KHAYAT Releases Moody Folktronica Track ‘Темно’ (‘Dark’)

KHAYAT was our real winner of Ukrainian Eurovision selection process Vidbir, despite not being selected, Call For Love remains an iconic eurobop. Fortunately the handsome twenty-three year old is progressing with his musical journey, releasing new folktronica anthem Темно (that’s ‘Dark‘ in English).

The Znamianka native notes: “‘Dark’ is first and foremost a story about unfulfilled dreams, vain hopes and lost time. Self-deception is just an analgesic that reduces pain, but it does not cure anyone. You ask, what to do in this case? Get used to it and move on.”

The track is a moody electronic folk anthem with synth and acoustic production combining to produce an enchanting, ethereal soundscape. KHAYAT’s vocals are impassioned as he injects a dreamy urgency into the song.

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