Aspiring LGBTQ+ Talent VNCE Explores Love, Sex & Partying on New Album ‘Queer’

West Hollywood’s VNCE shines on no holds barred album Queer – a release which sees the singer put an autobiographical slant on the queer experience. VNCE tells us: “The album tells the story of falling in love (or at least attempting to) while embracing and settling for the West Hollywood sex, drugs, and partying scene.”

Released back in May, VNCE collaborates with producers btwn (Joe Pepe & Zack Burke) on the infectious eight track feast. The performer crafts rich party energy on Rcc with its powering house beat he chants “Rose, champagne, cocaine,” capturing a sense of the WeHo party scene. The singer showcases a seductive side on UhHuh, a sweaty R&B flavoured track with simmering synths where VNCE croons “UhHuh we can do it all night / UhHuh wrap my body all tight.” A similar woozy seductive, dream-like vibe shines on Sex @ Best, an ode to the casual hook-up, with the performer packing a sensual energy against scintillating electronic beats.

The autobiographical tone feels very prevalent on Fresh Meat, a punchy one minute treat, chronicling a late night rendezvous. Current single Sry has a nineties R&B energy as VNCE emotively sings about unrequited love and the hopeless, submerged feeling that this can provoke. Lyrics like  “I’m just feeling sry I met you,” beautifully evoke a wealth of emotions, in a simple, clever manner. Attitude and sass are on the menu for Queer, an unrepentant pop jam about going for what or who you want, whilst proudly accepting feelings of queerness.

Penultimate track Xtc is a punchy electronic gem, with VNCE seductively whispering about feelings of ecstasy linked with the WeHo world of sex and partying. The album closes with Bomb, a self-empowered pop banger soaring with the line “I’m so fucking bomb!” with themes of self-acceptance and confidence brimming from the track.

You can connect with VNCE on Instagram. Stream Queer here.

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