Rising Country Star Cameron Hawthorn Releases Outstanding Debut EP ‘Mustang’ [Review]

Cameron Hawthorn has gone from strength to strength since the release of his 2019 debut single Dancing in the Living Room. The Kansas native has since released a string of stunning country anthems from the most recent To Break Hers to 2019’s Oh Hot Damn! The handsome country crooner has collated these into his freshly released EP Mustang – alongside two new tracks Boys and a gorgeous title track.

On the release of the EP the openly gay country star notes: “FUN FACT: While most people think mustangs are wild horses, they’re actually descended from once-domesticated horses. I’ve been drawn to horses since I was a kid and this idea that domesticated horses transformed into mustangs fascinated me. Because for the first time in my life, I too, feel like I’m finally free. To write about what I want, to sing about what I want, and most importantly, be who I want to be. I’ve always been me, but before, it was a more filtered version of myself. Now, it’s all me, baby. The MUSTANG EP is a collection of songs that mark a chapter of my life all about opening the gate, letting go of the reins, and allowing the mustang to finally run free.”

This sense of freedom and liberation that Cameron gets from the music is evident. Dancing in the Living Room is a woozy romantic delight that conjures up rich emotional depth, whilst To Break Hers is a massively investing personal tale exploring Cameron’s previous relationship with a woman. Oh Hot Damn is a sexually-charged heatwave inspired anthem, whilst Boys packs a Roy Orbison inspired swagger whilst celebrating country icons. Mustang is a real highlight, as an empowering, romantic treat reminiscent of the classic pop-tinged country music that Shania Twain dominated the 90s with. The track does an incredible job at capturing the sense of freedom, empowerment, and giddy excitement of love.

Stream the Mustang EP here.

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