NEO 10Y Delivers Sophisticated Industrial Pop Treat ‘Unrelatable Autosexual’

Back in August we raved about London based artist NEO 10Y’s beautifully cerebral single Crackhead Angel. The artist has since released new track Unrelatable Autosexual which marks their annual 10/10 musical release. The new release continues NEO 10Y’s winning streak of delivering energetic artistry with an intelligent, empowering, and sexy presence.

NEO 10Y notes: “Unrelatable Autosexual is a moody and tongue in cheek grunge-trap-ethereal self love uber-amplified kinda vibe, because I do feel we need some of that energy right now.” We were won over by the industrial trap stylings of the track, which when paired with NEO 10Y’s hypnotic, dreamy vocals, creates an entrancing musical concoction. The artist sings: “For a second I thought I was really high, But I realised you made me feel alive, Cos You’re everything I need but can’t describe,” against Sebastian Bartz’s sophisticated electronic production.

The intelligent performer adds: “It’s also a self realization track with political undertones to empower us in a time when love energy is the greatest healing force to bring us closer to utopia.” NEO 10Y is a truly exciting figure in the independent queer pop landscape, releasing music that engages, challenges, and packs an aspirational and empowering punch in its delivery.

Purchase the track on Bandcamp. Connect with NEO 10Y on his social channels below:

Artwork by Sam Hutnyk
Artwork by Dan Ellyot

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