Queer Pop Star Kisos and the Talented Anna Wang Join Forces For New Pop Delight ‘Call Me When You’re Wasted’

Independent pop talents Anna Wang and Kisos join forces on Call Me When You’re Wasted, a sweaty woozy pop anthem soaked in regret and bad decisions. With a chorus that sees the pop talents sing: “You only call me when you’re wasted, You only want me when I’m gone, You only miss me when you’re lonely, And you know how to turn me on,” Kisos and Anna shine atop the latter’s slick electronic-pop production.

Kisos notes: “Anna truly carried this song and I’m so honored to be able to add my flair to an already perfect creation. She produced it, mixed it, AND wrote all the melodies and lyrics, I only switched up the verses!!” Anna’s production and melodies shine, whilst also tapping into that relatable and regrettable moment of giving into someone that only picks up the phone when they want something. Kisos’s bold vocals shine and deliver the lyrics with an emotive strength and conviction, soaring atop the slick production.

You can connect with Kisos and Anna on their respective Instagrams. Purchase the song on Bandcamp. You can also connect with Kisos’s platform for showcasing queer artists, Queerantine live every Sunday at 3pm ET (8pm GMT) from Kisos’s Twitch channel twitch.tv/itskisos. You can catch the YouTube re-run premiere every Monday. Watch all the past episodes here, and stream the month’s featured artists here.

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