Queer Musicians Harley C and Danny Farrell Join Forces for Newly Released Album ‘The Predicament’

Queer musicians Danny Farrell and Harley C joined forces during lockdown to create The Predicament – an album that focuses on celebrating LGBTQ+ culture, queer relationships, and the versatility of pop music. Pairing Harley C’s pop songwriting and vocals, with Danny’s gritty, industrial style pop production creates a unique fusion that feels unashamedly queer.

The standard version of the album sees twelve tracks tackling an abundance of topics that resonate with queer audiences and wider listeners examining ideas of intimacy and toxicity within relationships – the cover art attempting to capture this interwoven cycle. Tracks such as You’re Worth It All, Lemme Love You, and I Want It (All With You) showcase immaculate soulful pop vocals with diverse electronic production – with Danny and Harley delivering masses of energy and enthusiasm in their respective roles.

There is an edgy British pop sound found in tracks like Better Off Alone, Hitman, and Naked, with both artists showcasing an impressive sense of versatility throughout.

You can stream the full album below. Connect with Harley C and Danny Farrell on their respective Instagrams.

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