Canadian LGBTQIA+ Artist IAMREBELWILL Drops ‘Hot Blooded’

Canadian artist IAMREBELWILL releases his new single Hot Blooded this week. It’s an elegant house-tinged dancefloor filler that showcases the rising talent’s welcoming, soulful vocals.

“Cause we’re young wild and free and we’re hot hot hot blooded, there’s a fire inside of me and I’m hot hot hot blooded,” IAMREBELWILL sings against scintillating house beats in the suave pop anthem. The singer tells us: ”Hot Blooded” is simply an anthem on being free spirited. I spent a huge portion of my life afraid to be myself and this upcoming project, Rebel Futurism, allowed me to finally be authentically Rebel! My ultimate goal is to use my voice to challenge the stereotypical perspective in mainstream pop music and help empower the underrepresented LGBTQIA+ and POC community to be fearlessly themselves.”

It is wonderful to have proudly LGBTQIA+ artists like IAMREBELWILL translating their unique experience into their music. We can look forward to more from IAMREBELWILL’s upcoming full length project Rebel Futurism which is expected late 2020.

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