German Queer Rising Star Neyon Delivers Bolshie Sexually-Charged New Track ‘Top Dog’

Berlin-based Neyon won us over with his charismatic attitude filled anthem Disco Punk a couple of months back and he has done it again with new dancepop single Top Dog.

Loaded with sexually-charged imagery, the track is an ode to surrendering control and embracing the freedom that comes with it. “I’ve never followed anyone before,” Neyon sings on the song that blends German and English lyrics to produce a unique dancepop fusion. With synthesisers transporting us to the German underground synth scene, the sexy track sees lyrics like “I’m the master usually, but you changed roles so casually, you’re nasty I just like it, being your slave I don’t fight it.”

Neyon tells us: “I wanted to incorporate my German heritage in a bold way. And I think it’s pretty brave and a sign of trust to allow someone else to lead you and your body. With “Top Dog”, even the most convinced alpha dogs might enjoy to step back for 3 minutes.”

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