Emerging Toronto-based Chinese Queer Artist Denim Blù Releases Single ‘Burn’

Emerging Toronoto-based Chinese artist Denim Blù tells us: “Burn hurts; Burn is a lament; it’s an admission of messing up in a relationship and coming to terms that something great is gone.” This can be felt in the intriguing soundscapes crafted on his debut single Burn. Packed with infectious production style and inviting melodies, Denim packs a heartfelt, sincere emotion in the track.

Citing Charlie Puth’s melodies and Robyn’s production styles as inspirations on his debut, Denim crafts rich emotive imagery with lines such as: “There’s a sadness on your face that wasn’t there before / There’s a shadow in your place where you walked right out the door,” the singer croons with a smooth and engaging vocal style. The track also features the talents of fellow Toronto musician randy.

Burn is scheduled to feature on Denim’s debut album, titled Blue and expected early 2021. He elaborates on the upcoming release, noting: “Blue is a dizzying array of contemporary songs that draw from pop, R&B, blues, and electronica; it captures youthful love, volatile love, and queer love. I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating something by and for queer people, but with universal appeal. The synthesis of the album, from conception to creation, represents diversity – in sound, in people, in me; it’s very Toronto.”

Connect with the emerging talent on his socials below. Stream Burn above.


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