Vancouver Based Queer Talent Reid Zakos Delivers New Single ‘You Don’t Understand Me’

We recently featured rising queer talent Reid Zakos‘ single Deck of Cards with the Vancouver based star delivery an atmospheric synth track and showcase to the concept of versatility and playing all your cards to present your talents. Reid is currently back with a new single, You Don’t Understand Me which further showcases his own versatility and range as an artist.

Reid notes: “This new song is very personal to me. A lot of us often feel misunderstood. We need to listen and try to understand one another better so we can heal.” In this current global climate, the track shines as an ode to communication and self-care. Reid’s vocals sound their most vulnerable as he sings “You don’t understand me, Don’t understand me, Don’t understand me, me (Oh) Maybe you never will, But I can’t stop being real” against hypnotic and mellow electronic production.

“Y.D.U.M.” is written and produced by Andrew Conroy & Reid Zakos. You can watch the handsome rising star in the video for the single above.

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