Music: Erasure Stream Snow Globe

We’re facing a bit of a dilemma. As we get closer to the festive season, we realise how much we hate Christmas albums. Mainly as its incredibly frustrating when you have been waiting years for one of your favourite artists to release new material, then they do – but it’s only something that you feel comfortable listening to the week before Christmas. 

But now we’re having to eat our words, as Erasure have only gone and released a downright amazing non-Christmas Christmas album. What does that mean? Well it feels seasonal, but not in the cheap/tacky Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree way. At points Snow Globe feels bleak, melancholic, and packed with frothy winter synths – it’s all very December, and very Erasure.

So excuse the horrendous artwork and give the impressive Snow Globe a little spin below – or if you’re a Christmas-album-a-phobic just skip to the original tracks. Hopefully we’ll still be listening come January.

Snow Globe is available to buy on the 11th of November.

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