Bryce Bowyn Returns With ‘Boyfriend for the Night’

Bryce Bowyn delighted us with his dancepop anthem Just Love Me earlier in the year, and the Washington based rising queer talent returns with new single Boyfriend for the Night. Produced by the equally talented Zach Benson, the track conjures up the imagery of classic sixties girlgroup pop, with lashings of Lana Del Rey and Britney Spears in its woozy, buoyant production.

Bryce talks a little about the concepts that inspired the track: “When you’re brokenhearted, part of the recovery process is finding how to connect again on an intimate level. For me, I missed having someone I was passionate about. Someone to live adventurously with. So every night, I would go out and find that little spark with someone new and run with it, but it would always burn out by the next morning. Turns out recreating the past was not a recipe for success.” Drawing attention to those fleeting and temporary connections, Bryce packs the song with his usual charismatic and emotive delivery truly selling the lyrics to us.

With a sparkling electronic sheen present in the production, Bryce’s unfaltering vocals belt out lines like “I know its so naïve and you’ve got history, but I’m trying to get over my own misery tonight,” capturing the suggestive appeal of a brief night of romance. The track is another major win for Bryce after his stellar Just Love Me and Nostalgic releases.

Boyfriend for the Night is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

You can connect with Bryce on his socials below:

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