Dale Hollow, The New ‘Country Music Superstar,’ Debuts ‘I’m a Lover, but I’ll Still Fight’

Dale Hollow is a name you may not know immediately, but prepare yourself to be introduced. The rising country singer is dubbing himself a true ‘Country Music Superstar,’ as notes the biography on the singer’s website: “Turns out there aren’t many confident country singers these days, cause no one calls themselves “The Country Music Superstar” anymore, so Dale decided he’d do it himself.”

A look through Dale’s massively entertaining Instagram page showcases similar boasts and self-assertions, however, after listening to the country crooner’s latest single I’m a Lover, but I’ll Still Fight we can understand why Dale may veer into icon territory. The singer’s hard baritone vocals deliver bucketloads of energy a top gentle guitar production as Dale croons: “I’d hate for you to miss last call, but you’ll hate me even more, I’m a lonebird, but I’ll fight you right now,” on the tongue-in-cheek country anthem,

“Well, I’ve seen Roadhouse 30 times, Studied all the dialogue, I memorized the fights, so go ahead and bust the glass, I’ll even give you one free swing and then I’ll beat your ass,” Dale continues as production and energy ramp-up. Patrick Swayze seems to be an inspirational figure for Dale, with the singer even dropping his name in his posts about the latest single:

The latest and greatest HIT single from THE Country Music Superstar (Trademark Pending), Dale Hollow, hot off the coattails of his MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL EP, “Yourstruly.” Congrats to #yourstruly, because he’s done it again – another COUNTRY CLASSIC!!! Also, congrats to The Long Con and Marc Whitmore for helping craft such a MASTERFUL presentation of country music!!! Shout out Patrick Swayze

Eagle eyed country fans may remember seeing Dale in the video for his buddy Orville Peck’s Shania Twain collaboration Legends Never Die last month.

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