Americana Queen Lera Lynn Unveils New Track ‘Let Me Tell You Something’ Ahead of ‘On My Own’ Album

We fell a little in love with Lera Lynn’s music after she featured on the T Bone Burnett selected soundtrack for True Detective season two. Her tracks The Only Thing Worth Fighting For and My Least Favourite Life – as well as her appearance on the show – helped make us fans for life. The singer is now readying her latest studio album, On My Own, due for release in a month – preceded by the freshly dropped Let Me Tell You Something.

“Let me tell you something kid, you got a lot to learn, This ain’t what you think it is no, this whole thing about to burn, It’s junkyard slave to oil and rust, It’ll eat you clean of hope and trust,” Lera croons in the opening of the the track which sees a narrator encouraging a child to pursue a simple life – nothing too grand or big. Lera notes: “It’s actually a conversation that I had with my father and his advice to avoid anything creative as a career. I loved the idea of writing and releasing a song about someone telling me not to write and release songs.”

The track will feature on Lera’s upcoming studio album titled On My Own which is slated for the 23rd of October. You can see the full tracklist below:

  1. Are You Listening?
  2. What I’m Looking For
  3. So Far
  4. It Doesn’t Matter
  5. Dark Horse
  6. Let Me Tell You Something
  7. A Light Comes Through
  8. Make You OK
  9. Isolation
  10. Things Change

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