Andrea Di Giovanni Drops Slinky Pop Anthem ‘Another Story’

Rising queer talent Andrea Di Giovanni has dropped the third single from her upcoming studio album Rebel. The track titled Another Story is a gorgeous showcase for Andrea’s powerful vocal tones, with them shimmering atop slinky electronic beats.

The singer noted on their Instagram: “Aaaaah angels so excited to finally share with you ‘another story’. It’s the third single from my debut album ‘rebel’ and one of my favourite tracks.⁣ co-written with my pal @iamsxmon another story takes a look at moments in which it’s necessary to “call it quits” in a relationship.” The track is thought to be joined by Andrea’s previous single Miracle featuring GESS.

Andrea sings: “It’s just another story, I should really know it, I can’t seem to get up, get up, should I stay or get up, Don’t want you to be just another story.” The intelligent lyrics tap into the idea of that challenging decision whether to end a relationship or not. The singer’s vocals feel fresh and energised against the scintillating electronic production.

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