American Pop Heartthrob Jake Miller Drops His Best Track Yet ‘Reset’

We’re serious when we say that Reset may be Jake Miller’s strongest track yet as an artist. The Justin Gray produced track feels like Jake’s biggest musical statement as an artist – it’s a big dramatic, slickly produced pop banger.

Written by Jake alongside Daniel Kyriankides and Justin Gray, the song sees Jake sing about the desire to reset a relationship gone wrong: “Can we just reset to the day we met? If you let me apologize for all the shit I said, Can we just reset, forgive and forget? ‘Cause I can’t take this silence, it’s too quiet in this bed,” the handsome twenty-seven year old Florida native croons on the new single.

The track is accompanied by a video from Evan Ross which sees Jake pine atop mountains, on beaches, and in true nineties boyband fashion cling at his vest in the rain. Stream above.

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