TV Trailer: Flowers in the Attic

V.C. Andrews’ hit novel Flowers in the Attic was one of the most popular novels of the seventies, going on to sell an excess of 40 million copies worldwide. This tale of children locked in their attic by their twisted Mother and Grandmother seemed perfect for a film adaptation which subsequently followed in 1987. Now this endearing tale is getting another reboot, this time as a Lifetime TV movie, debuting in early 2014.

The 1987 feature was something of a misjudged camp classic, in a similar overwrought melodramatic way to Mommie Dearest. The Gothic horrors of the original text were lost in favour of extravagance and over-the-top performances. It’s perfect for a shlocky camp watch.

The trailer for Lifetime’s version has debuted and it looks even more campy than the original – from Heather Graham’s buxom wide-eyed demeanor (“Just for that you will not come out of this room for any reason!” followed by a prompt face-slap) to Ellen Burstyn’s hagtastic psycho-biddy grandmother. Let’s not forget that awfully misjudged Guns and Roses cover.

Flowers in the Attic also stars Dylan Bruce, Kiernan Shypka, and Mason Dye. It premieres on Saturday 18th of January 2014 on Lifetime USA.

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