Ukraine’s Pop Sensation Denis Rekonvald Releases New Single ‘Fetish’

We’re being truly spoiled by Ukrainian pop sensation Denis Rekonvald – only two weeks after the release of his English language version of hit single Alter Ego, Denis has dropped a sexy new track dubbed Fetish.

Fetish sees Denis sing against crunching industrial synths and shimmering electronic production. This is a big atmospheric pop number that sees Denis sound his most suave, cool, and elegant. The singer is quickly becoming one of our favourites on the European pop scene thanks to releases like Fetish, Alter Ego, and Plane.

Although Fetish is a Russian language anthem, we hope that Denis continues his new habit of recording tracks in both English and Russian language as he undoubtedly has massive international appeal thanks to his charismatic vocals, good looks, and sharp musical compositions. Listen to Fetish above.

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