Dead Method Releases ‘Haus (of God)’ Single, Readies ‘Queer Genesis’ Album

Rising queer talent Dead Method has recently unveiled his most recent single Haus (of God) from his September 30th released album Queer Genesis. The track is a celebration of the queer nightlife world and the ability we have as queer people to choose our families and find healing through our chosen house.

Haus (of God) is a moody dancefloor anthem in which Dead Method shines with his atmospheric vocal delivery. Crooning against moody electronic beats, the song pays tribute to queer concepts with an elegant swagger as Dead Method sings “Our bonds run deeper than blood, I found my solace in this club, so tell the DJ to play the music that we love.”

We’ve had a preview of Dead Method’s upcoming album Queer Genesis – an elegant, electronic soundscape that showcases a wealth of emotions from vulnerability to cocksure swagger. Tracks such as Violent Men deliver crunching industrial atmospherics, whilst the likes of Mind Games feel like contemporary club anthems. Vulnerability is showcased on the stark, haunting If You’re Looking For A Sign This Is It and subtle melancholic grooves of Hurt. Dead Method tells us: “For me, this album is the washing away of decades of turmoil, societal oppression and the subjugation that I have faced as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.”

He adds: “These songs are a way for me to explore my identity and deal with the trauma that came as part of the package when growing up gay and coming out of the other side as a human being who embraces and celebrates their unique identity.”

Queer Genesis will be released on all digital stores on the 30th of September. Connect with Dead Method below:

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