Queer Aussie Pop Favourite Brendan Maclean Releases New Track ‘Gemini’

Brendan Maclean has done it again with his latest track Gemini. The gorgeous Australian pop musician pairs his silky, soulful vocals with Yeo’s subtle bubbling electronic production on the freshly released new song.

“So there we go, or there we won’t, I got so much to think about, but I don’t” on the moody lyrics, whilst managing to later evoke incredible dramatic imagery with lines like “There has been a tidal wave, I’ll be the survivor, kiss me underwater.” Brendan notes the track was subject to a bit of indecision, stating: “I asked absolutely everyone for advice on Gemini, put down a bunch of takes that just didn’t stick and ended up resenting the song altogether. Only after I paid a fresh round of invoices did I listen back to our first session and think, ‘Ah crap! That was the one.’ Yeo probably knew all along so I’m very grateful to him for being so patient.” Obviously the correct calls were made with the track shining as one of the star’s most addictive and impressive creations – one he and Yeo should be massively proud of.

Brendan released the equally wonderful Easy Love earlier this year and is set to feature on Bright Light Bright Light’s upcoming album, Fun City.

Stream the track on Spotify here.

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