Denis Rekonvald Releases English Version of His Hit Russian Language Track ‘Alter Ego’

We’ve been raving about Denis Rekonvald for some time now – and the track that really made us fall in love with him with his Russian-language hit Alter Ego. Whilst Denis sounds wonderful in any language, we are incredibly excited that the gorgeous star has decided to bless us with an English language version of the track.

The new version of the track marks Denis’s first foray into English language recording – and hopefully the start of many releases in the language. The singer noted on his Instagram: “This is one of my favourite songs! I didn’t expect the track to be so popular in Europe. I was, to put it mildly, surprised when I saw how many thousands of times I listened to this song in Germany, Lithuania, Italy, and also in the USA. And, of course, I could not help but release the English version track for my foreign fans and those who love music with Western sound.”

Denis recently released Russian language hit ‘Самолет’ (Or in English ‘Plane’) back in May. We were massively impressed by the track, which hit us with the same slick electronic vibes of Alter Ego. We predict massive things for Denis who is currently one of the most exciting pop stars recording in Eastern Europe at the moment. The prospect of Western crossover feels even more realistic with Denis’s latest English language release.

Connect with the singer on Instagram here. Listen to the new version of Alter Ego above.

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