WURST and Lou Asril Release Cover of Supermax’s 1977 Austrian Hit ‘Lovemachine’

WURST combines their talents with Lou Asril on a new version of 1977 Austrian disco hit Lovemachine – originally by the band Supermax. Combining the unique vocal styles of both WURST and Lou Asril creates an interesting fusion, feeling like a distinctive update on an underground disco favourite. The official press release notes:

The result is a progressive electronic cover version of this Austrian hit, with its distinctive bass line and the enchanting mix of Tom Neuwirth’s timbre and the voice of Lou Asril, a young man who lives and breathes Soul and R&B. Edo Mjusik, who is also WURST’s Live-DJ on tour, produced the up-tempo remake of the 43-year old and yet still fresh track in Vienna, which is released by Sony Music Music Entertainment Austria.

WURST, perhaps best known to audiences under the moniker of Conchita won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, but has since moved on from the drag persona. Instead releasing music under the WURST name, singer Tom Neuwirth dropped album Truth Over Magnitude last year. It is currently unclear if this is the first taste of a new collection, however, it is thought that the track may be a release to celebrate the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, which celebrated the double anniversary of 20 years of Amadeus and 50 years of Austropop on 10 September,

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