Rising Pop Talent moistbreezy Release ‘Breezy’ Mixtape and ‘Contact’ Video

We were really bowled over by the incredible visual style of moistbreezy after coming across her Instagram page a few weeks ago. Images capturing a tropical paradise paired with a nostalgic early noughties sheen are some that you may discover on the NYC based singer’s social media. Thankfully the music accompanying these videos is equally spectacular, delivering shimmering, immaculate vocally delivered hyperpop.

moistbreezy has just dropped her debut mixtape which features her standout single Contact – which you can hear above. It’s a high octane club anthem racked with powering synths, silky vocals, and a sheer glossy expensive-sounding pop bop.

The singer explains the aesthetic and musical choices behind the mixtape, noting: “With Breezy, I wanted to make a ray of light, a warm breeze on a summer’s day — an oasis. I created a place, incorporating sound design of ocean waves and birds chirping, crafting synth melodies that sound like crystals refracting sunlight and fairy dust. This is an escape, a sonic vacation.” 

The EP also contains moistbreezy’s first single Breathless (Keeping Me Up All Night, Oasis which draws inspiration from the musician’s Persian heritage – pairing this with moistbreezy’s unique aquatic aesthetics, and nostalgic early-noughties inspired banger VHS.

The moistbreezy mixtape is available here.