Ukrainian Eurovision Icon Verka Serduchka Releases EP ‘Sexy’ [Review]

Verka Serduchkha has been an unforgettable addition to the Eurovision family since debuting at the 2007 Contest with the iconic Dancing Lasha Tumbai. Already a huge star in her native Ukraine and neighbouring Russia, Verka found the love and adoration of wider Europe and the world. Now Verka’s star continues to rise with English language EP Sexy released today.

Sexy contains four tracks including the barnstorming Make It Rain Champagne – released late 2019 – a track once rumoured as an entry for Ukraine’s 2020 Eurovision submission. The track was written by two Swedish songwriters: Andreas Öhrn and Euphoria co-writer Peter Boström – and could easily have been a Eurovision classic. The EP also contains title track Sexy which opens with samba-style percussion, before launching into a high octane dance-banger where Verka sings “We don’t need no haters, we’re just gonna dance – all the way to Tokyo back to Amsterdam.” By the midway point accordions, synths, and club-beats descend on the the track to create a true party anthem.

Disco Kicks has eighties-inspired Pet Shop Boys vibes in its rippling synths where Verka sings “I am cool like Al Pacino, hot like cappuccino, the queen of everything” in the high camp lyrics. The track reunites Verka with Boström and Öhrn, like its predecessor Sexy, and opening track Swedish Lullaby. The opening begins with an earworming wave of la la la las, helping the track shine as one of the most addictive of Verka’s discography. With ramping dance beats the track becomes a loud, party hit with Verka’s delightfully accented vocals taking the track to new levels of fun.

The delight of Sexy comes in the fact that every track on the EP could be a standout single or Eurovision classic. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing Verka, her mother, and the short-shorted dancers back on the ESC stage in the coming years.

Stream Sexy here.

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