Feature: Arts Journalism and the Scottish Property Market

As an Edinburgh based blog, we have covered the arts in Scotland in great detail. From our annual coverage of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Edinburgh International Festival, the Festival Fringe, and the Glasgow Film Festival. We pride ourselves in supporting Scottish artists and performers and helping promote diverse international talent and culture available to Scottish audiences. However like many entertainment sites based in the country, we find ourselves missing out on a lot of content due to it being centred in London – yet this is changing in one of the unlikely positive effects of the tragic COVID-19 pandemic on the Scottish housing market.

In July the Scotsman newspaper noted that there was a ‘surge’ in interest in Scottish homes from London buyers as markets reopened, with Savills citing a 71% increase in buyers looking at Scottish properties. The ability for Scots from around the UK to work from home thanks to the decline of the traditional, non-socially distanced office environment (or in our case, screening environment), is inevitably one responsible for the influx of Scottish-born citizens to return to their homeland to work. The Guardian added that July was the busiest month for property sales in ten years, with a total of £37 billion being spent within the country – with working from home now clearly a factor in any sensible buyer’s house choice.

As Scottish entertainment and film journalists, we used to face continual disappoint of being invited to screenings, only to find that these screenings were London based. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in digital screenings – allowing us to fit reviewing around other forms of employment and life in Scotland. Being based in the metropolitan, arts hub of London ultimately has an appeal – but expensive living conditions and the challenges of freelance writing make sustaining a career there massively challenging. With newly-prominent digital screenings and reviewing, arts journalists can earn a living in the likes of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Looking to buy property in Scotland and around the UK is made easier by websites like Mortgage Calculator. The site makes it straight-forward and clear to calculate monthly payments, interest only, months required to pay, and the total interest payable in a nice clear-cut fashion. Buying property can be daunting and Mortgage Calculator makes that somewhat less stressful by aiding financial calculations in a visually organised and focused manner.  The site also has a handy introduction to the UK mortgage market section, making it a useful tool for first time buyers.  

Now struggling to buy property in London does not have to be a detrimental factor in those looking for a career in arts journalism. The growing digital nature in the way arts are promoted and consumed allows for people to buy in their home cities and achieve both their goals of climbing onto the property ladder and working in an industry they love – regardless of geographical location.

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