Queer Performer Charlie Fisher Releases Shimmering Pop Debut ‘Dollar Perfume’

Charlie Fisher draws from some iconic pop influences including Troye Sivan, The Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud and OMD, to craft his debut full length album Dollar Perfume out September 4th. Like the luminaries mentioned, Charlie has delivered some true slick pop bangers on the album including previously released singles Madonna, Body, and Thought U Lost Me.

Charlie aims to combine “Y2K pop culture with a reverence for pop’s glory days, a penchant for maximalist fashion, and a desire to disrupt pop’s heteronormative inner circle with some queer power.” We can’t argue that Dollar Perfume is doing that whilst paying tribute to underrated pop queens like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan – who Charlie also cites as a big influence. Like us the singer refuses to accept the term “guilty pleasure,” good pop music is good pop music, full stop.

Opening with dancepop treats scintillating electro Da da da and the buoyant Sugar Coat, Charlie soon takes us to the 00s smooth contemporary pop sounds of Body. Thought U Lost Me is a Pet Shop Boys/Soft Cell/OMD inspired delight with its rippling synths and electronic grooves, whilst Sweet Dreams is elegant nu-disco.

The intelligent, fanboy fun of Madonna shines in the quirky references to Madge’s greatest hits, More Than Friends impresses with its sweet-natured up-tempo beats and woozy love-centric lyrics. Happy Just 2 See Me feels like a contemporary boyband banger feeling equal parts Backstreet Boys and a-Ha. Charlie delivers big pop star energy on the Kim Petras-flavoured Take It Back, whilst Pierre and Perfect bring Charlie’s stellar album to a moody synth-filled conclusion.

Check out the full tracklist:

  1. Da da da
  2. Sugar Coat feat. Jasmine Shen
  3. Body feat. SoundBoy
  4. Though U Lost Me
  5. Sweet Dreams
  6. Madonna
  7. More Than Friends
  8. Happy Just 2 See Me
  9. Take It Back
  10. Pierre
  11. Perfect

We really love what Charlie has crafted in Dollar Perfume. It’s a slick, beautifully crafted celebration of the best of pop music. The singer wears his influences on his sleeve, yet manages to showcase his own voice, passions, and celebration of queerness on the album.

Dollar Perfume is available from September 4th. Check out Charlie’s socials below:

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