Gay Country Heartthrob Cameron Hawthorn Releases Gorgeous New Single ‘To Break Hers’

A new release from Cameron Hawthorn is always something to be excited about and the Nashville artist’s latest, To Break Hers, is a true heartfelt delight. There’s a real shortage of openly gay voices in the country genre, but thankfully Cameron is not afraid to represent queer issues and stories within his music.

The singer notes that the track was inspired by a relationship with a girl before coming out: “Navigating dating is a difficult process in general, and I hate that when it doesn’t work out, someone usually gets hurt.” Yet Cameron draws inspiration from this idea of incompatible love from a queer perspective, adding: “For me, there was an added level of why it would never work out with this girl, and it wasn’t until coming out and looking back on the relationship and breakup that I was truly able to process it all.”

Cameron’s rich heartfelt Kansas vocals pack a real soul, investing us in the bittersweet romantic tale at the heart of the song. Crooning: “Back there at the start, I wish I’d had the heart, to break hers,” in the gentle, emotive lyrics. The gorgeous star shines in the official video which accompanies the track, directed by Quinton Cook, which sees him play a piano and reminisce about the past relationship.

The track is scheduled to appear on Cameron’s upcoming 2020 EP – details of which we’ll keep you posted on when we have them. The singer previously released the barnstorming Oh Hot Damn! Goldhouse Remix this Summer, as well as a cover of The Chicks’ Cowboy Take Me Away.

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