Kfir Drops Official Video For New Ballroom Inspired Dance Anthem ‘Fan a Bitch’ Featuring SIS

We recently featured rising talent Kfir’s single Gigolo which we dubbed ” a sexy, Summer pop anthem that helps assert Kfir as an exciting new talent in the music world.” The handsome star continues his trajectory towards superstardom with his latest single Fan a Bitch featuring SIS. The ballroom inspired anthem is brimming with a ferocious party energy and love for the LGBTQ+ community.

Kfir notes: “FAB is a world club culture inspired track. Featuring Sis the rapper, a passionate LGBTQI activist, TLM & BLM is a statement on its own. In a fun sassy way FAB means to grab someone’s attention and be unapologetic, bringing back attitude and confidence to a lot of people that lost it, especially these days.”

The singer captures the free-spirited energy of the ballroom scene – home to countless queer individuals and POC communities. The slick, electronic production, paired with Kfir’s inviting and energetic vocals help Fan a Bitch shine as one of the Israeli-American singer’s strongest tracks. The contributions from SIS also help ensure that Fan a Bitch is a lively, powerhouse party anthem. The track really taps into a dreamy sense of hedonism and the concept of losing your inhibitions and celebrating your own power in the context of the club scene.

Kfir has also released the high-octane night club set video for the track featuring chihuahuas, dance routines, sports cars, and kilts. What more could you possibly want?

Check out our exclusive interview with Kfir. Watch the video for Fan a Bitch above. Connect with Kfir below.

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