Rising LGBTQ+ Talent Joe Parsons Drops Emotive Debut Single ‘Pilot’

Joe Parsons crafts an elegant, dreamy soundscape on his debut single Pilot – a track which asserts him as an exciting rising queer talent in the music world. Opening as a stark showcase for Joe’s heartfelt, almost hymn like delivery, Pilot soon delves into creative electronic melodies which the singer’s vocals feel equally at home atop.

Joe notes: “This song recounts the moment I first told someone that I was gay. They were really intuitive and knew I wasn’t being myself. That began the process of me coming out to friends and family.” A life-altering moment for many queer people, Joe’s track sensitively conjures up some of the spread of emotions that the coming out process can provoke. He adds: “But even when coming out, you still dilute how difficult it was to protect yourself and others. It takes years to really understand that damage. It felt like this was the perfect debut single to introduce myself and what the album is about.”

We cannot wait to hear Joe’s album as Pilot is undeniably one of the most sonically interesting debuts of the year. The album is scheduled to drop on October 13th 2020 is set to make some intriguing links to concepts such as homosexuality and vulnerability.

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