Jane Birkin Returns With New Single ‘Les jeux interdits’ (‘Forbidden Games’), Upcoming Original Album

Screen and musical legend Jane Birkin has returned with Les jeux interdits (‘Forbidden Games‘) her first original track since 2008 album Winter Games. The track serves as the lead single of her November 20th scheduled album “Oh ! Pardon tu dormais…” “(‘Oh! Sorry You Were Sleeping)”.

The lush guitar accompanied French language track sees Birkin’s delicate vocal tones shine as she reminisces of her daughter’s childhood. Referencing the title of Rene Clement’s 1952 film Jeux interdits, a firm favourite of Birkin’s daughters Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kate Barry were particularly fond of. The song tells of how the girls, inspired by the film, organized the funeral of dead animals they found themselves in the vicinity of the former parsonage of Cresseveuille in Normandy where Serge Gainsbourg and Birkin were vacationing in the 1970 with their daughters:

“The house overlooked a cemetery and children kept looking at Forbidden gameswith Brigitte Fossey (…). It was summer vacation, it inspired this song, it’s erotic, strange and it ultimately leaves very little room for a somewhat static state of melancholy and even retrospection.”

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