River Westin Releases Americana Flavoured Dreampop New Single ‘Silver Lining’

With hints of Orville Peck and Lana Del Rey, River Westin manages to carve out a unique and exciting musical identity in his woozy, Americana-tinged dreampop single Silver Lining. The New Yorker plays with vintage pop sounds, with hints of classic country, and very contemporary indie-dreampop on the track which arrives today.

River tells us that “The lyrics use storytelling to convey the feeling of being lost in your current stage of life and learning to enjoy the ride.” This can be clearly be heard in: “We’re just lost, there’s no silver lining. In the stars, there’s no hidden meaning,” which have a refreshing sense of acceptance and bittersweet happiness and reflectiveness to them. River has a captivating vocal presence – a quiet and relaxed delivery that draws us in through its warm, dreamy sense of calm.

River is fresh from the release of his most recent EP Candy Cigarettes featuring the tracks featuring highlights including Maraschino and its title track. The tracks are likely to feature on River’s upcoming album, with the singer telling us: “My goal this year is to take the tracks from my latest EP “Candy Cigarettes” and the new singles I’m currently releasing and create a full length album to release on vinyl later this year.

Listen to the dreamy Silver Lining above. Connect with River’s socials below:

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