Greyson Chance Delivers New Single ‘Bad To Myself’

Greyson Chance goes from strength to strength with his new track Bad to Myself. The track follows his previous releases: Boots, Dancing Next to Me, and Honeysuckle. The latter two are expected to be joined by Bad to Myself on Greyson’s upcoming third album – the details of that are still under wraps however. It seems the inspiration behind Bad to Myself is quite a personal one, with the openly-gay singer noting:

“‘Bad To Myself’ is truly me at my most vulnerable. I wrote the song with Teddy Geiger last August, which found me in the middle of an exhausting tour schedule; I think I was rounding my 100th show of 2019 around that period. At that time, I was very unhealthy: drinking too much on the road, not eating, not taking care of myself, and especially not checking in on my mental health,” he continued. “You hear stories all the time of artists and musicians struggling while on tour, and it doesn’t really sink in until you see yourself slipping down that hole in real time.”

We’re happy that Greyson seems to be working on avoiding this dangerous situation developing again, as he adds: “The song represents a promise to myself that I would do better and work on becoming more healthy. ‘Bad To Myself’ helped me immensely get out of that period of my life, and I hope it helps to raise internal conversations with my fans about their own health, both mental and physical,”

Greyson gave some detail on Twitter as of the inspiration behind the track’s accompanying video, he notes: “i wanted to tell the story of what my life was last year. wake-up, plane, venue, soundcheck, have a drink, stage, have another drink, hotel room, alone. the same thing that was keeping my heart alive, was killing my body at the same time. the MV tells that story #BadToMyself,”

“Now it’s all in the past, no I’m not going back” Greyson sings on the empowering pop anthem which showcases another sense of versatility in the young artist’s style. The track also follows Athlete, which Greyson recorded for the soundtrack to Hulu’s Love, Victor.

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