Musical Artist Tolly Plays With Queer Stadium Rock Sounds on Their Debut Album ‘Kiteboy’

Queer, non-binary music artist Tolly is doing something massively refreshing on their debut album Kiteboy with its inclusive stadium pop-rock sounds. Spanning ten tracks, Tolly notes: “The album is inspired by the leap of faith we all take when we choose our own freedoms over the freedoms decided by others.”

Highlights of the cinematic album include tracks such as Rain Disco – an electronic dance hit with Tolly’s relaxed and inviting vocals shining against a pulsating beat, the electronic rock sounds of I Am a Ghost shining through its electric guitar and percussion centred production, and moody synth song Re(in)surrection. The album conjures up grand, sci-fi imagery as the titles of the previously mentioned tracks will suggest.

Praise should go to Tolly for their insistence on inclusion of Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities in every performance and in every video – all of which you can watch on their YouTube channel here.

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