Yavin Challenges Rigid Gay Community Standards on Sugary Pop Delight ‘Hot.’

Yavin has been celebrating the release of new track Hot. this week – it’s an inspired pop delight that challenges the gay community’s rigid, often brutal, beauty standards. Backed by infectious electronic production, this gorgeous dream-infused sugary bop helps assert Yavin as a truly exciting rising queer pop talent.

The singer tells us “Hot. is all about liking somebody that’s way out of your league. As a queer boy that doesn’t really fit the rigid beauty standards of our community, I’ve dealt with rejection quite a bit, so this song allowed me to explore the fantasy of having the courage to approach that hot guy standing across the room.” Everyone in the gay community knows the feeling of rejection and the hurt that can cause, so we applaud Yavin for flipping that concept with this gorgeous pop fantasy.

The empowering concept gains further conviction through Yavin’s endearing and optimistic vocals, which gel beautifully with he and Dephrase’s nostalgia-tinged production. The track is written by Yavin.

Hot. continues Yavin’s successful track record for 2020, following his well-received single Bitter. Yavin also has two studio albums to his name Growing Up. and Romance.

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