Berlin Based MKSM Releases Euphoric Summer Pop Anthem ‘Be Alright’

German artist MKSM delivers his fresh new single Be Alright today. It’s a euphoric dance-pop treat that pays loving homage to string-filled seventies disco and glamorous eighties synthpop. The track is a light Summer anthem with breezy vocals from MKSM shining atop the shimmering, polished production.

The empowering track boasts lyrics such as “Dance with our issues, Won’t try to fix them, Trusting we’ll be alright,” which MKSM elaborates on: “Even if reality is tough at times. It’s about the fact that you shouldn’t worry constantly, but accept life with its ups and downs. And just go along with it.” Undeniably reality is currently tough for many in this global climate, and breezy, escapist pop that carries empowering messages like Be Alright’s are truly essential.

We had a sneak peak at the track’s accompanying video which will be released next week – it sees two young female lovers enjoying a picturesque escape in a gorgeous colourful rural location. With rainbow symbolism, MKSM’s own violin playing, and some creative visual effects at play, it compliments the anthemic Summer track perfectly. You’re in for a treat, so keep your eyes peeled for its release.

As a gay artist himself, MKSM is a proud advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, something also reflected in his music which centres around themes of acceptance, equality, love, and the search for yourself.

Listen to Be Alright here.

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Photo Credits: Samuel Sauter

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