Scottish Singer Venn Smyth Releases Summer Pop Delight ‘Sunrise’

As a Scottish based site, we are very excited to share fellow Scot Venn Smyth’s new single Sunrise. It’s a gorgeous contemporary dancefloor anthem tackling the hard-hitting theme of grief, whilst retaining an optimistic mood through its shimmering production.

“Matter, moments, memory / Sound and silence, senses /Weigh down your every move,” Venn sings on the dancepop track that wears its heart on its sleeve. Inspired to write the track when supporting his partner partner who was grieving the loss of his mother, Venn found further inspiration in the beauty of Gran Caria where he wrote the track. The sun-baked symbolism and imagery is a clear influence on the lyricism of the track and its parallels with grief.

With synth-filled production, Sunrise pays homage to classic eighties dancepop – yet feels contemporary and slick. A powerful chorus and heartfelt vocal delivery help Sunrise shine as a memorable pop anthem that inspires reflection as well as the desire to dance.

Connect with Venn below:

Instagram: @vennsmyth
Twitter: @vennsmyth
Facebook: @vennsmyth

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