London’s NEO 10Y Releases Cerebral New Single ‘Crackhead Angel’

Londoner NEO 10Y has released his brand new track Crackhead Angel – a gorgeous musical feast thanks to its rich, challenging themes, inviting production, and the soft welcoming vocal tones of its performer.

NEO 10Y notes “Crackhead Angel is about traversing the polarities and binaries of reality; decoding the ones and zeros and understanding of self. The process of self-realisation has been heavily documented in all of my work since inception (ILY, Stan Yourself, Dopamine, Y), but Crackhead Angel is a more personal song referencing a series of NDEs / blackouts that I had in 2016 and when I was six years old and slipped by a swimming pool, cracking my head open and waking up in hospital. ⁣”

A deeply personal musical piece, the meaning of Crackhead Angel is further enhanced through the impressive Epping Forest set video. With NEO 10Y taking on the role of dual characters, the singer told Paper Magazine: “The two characters in the film are versions of me, my ‘poles’ per se, ‘Crackhead’ and ‘Angel.’ One is breaking out of the cerebral prison of their mind to reconnect with the Goddess.” The characters represent the concept of social binaries with the idea of breaking these boundaries and achieving a sense of oneness at the heart of the video.

The track is an impressive, challenging listen and we commend NEO 10Y for making music that broadens our conscientiousness and seeks to challenge established norms. The singer adds “In my journey, the universe has also revealed the depth of my artist name, which serves as a sense of reassurance of my purpose to expand consciousness through art in this reality.” These themes can also be interpreted in NEO 10Y’s prior work including: ILY, Stan Yourself, Dopamine, and Y which are all available to stream now.

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