Bronze Avery Celebrates the Release of ‘Only You’

Gorgeous Los Angeles recording artist Bronze Avery releases self-empowerment anthem Only You – which was written, recorded and had its video shot within the time frame of two days.

The singer notes: “Only You’: a much-needed love letter to myself. It’s about being the only person in my life who can bring me constant joy and inspiration.” The sense of joyousness is clear in the breezy synth production, Bronze Avery’s inspired, warm vocals, and its punchy two minute seventeen second run time. It’s a short and sweet slice of contemporary pop heaven.

Bronze Avery shared on his blog that “I followed my instincts closely while writing “Only You” and never second-guessed a lyric or melody. I think that’s a big part of why everything came together so fast. It’s a reminder that it’s always about the big idea and the smaller details can sometimes cloud the overall vision… Even in the middle of unprecedented challenges, nothing can stand in the way of creating — only you.”

The singer has been producing some massively high quality tracks over the past few years, including the incredible queer anthem Boys! and soulful synth hit Anybody Else which has racked up almost half a million Spotify streams.

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