Introducing Theo Hale and His New Single ‘To the Future’

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Theo Hale has got our week off to a wonderful start with his brand new single, To the Future. The mellow pop track is a gorgeous showcase for Theo, with his vocals shining against the elegant, electric R&B-tinged production.

“You think I’m insecure, but I know my worth, time keeps passing by, and I wonder why, if we’re going in reverse, it will only make things worse,” Theo croons on the emotive track. Theo packs a rich soulfulness to his voice, as well as a rare conviction where we believe every word he sings.

Originally born in rural Missouri, Theo went down the route of a career in business before finding it impossible to ignore the calling of his first love, music: “Everywhere I’d go, it was as if the wind was whispering melodies and lyrics to me. I was trying to run from my passion yet it was chasing me.”

In June 2019, Theo released his debut single, Obvious, a tropical dance track released for Pride. “It was important for my first song to be connected to Pride. Growing up in a fundamentalist Christian home, I didn’t come out until 23 and have fiercely worked to undue the emotional damage from hiding yourself for so long.” Obvious is another treat where Theo gets to showcase a sense of swagger on this sexually-charged dancefloor anthem.

Theo also released moody synth-anthem Atomic – a dramatic new-wave inspired anthem that conjures up apocalyptic imagery which draws some inventive parallels to a volatile relationship. The singer has also continued to showcase his range with What Could Have Been a beautiful sentimental track, filled with heart-warming emotion and soul.

We’re massively excited about Theo as a proud LGBT artist. He has shown a wonderful sense of versatility on his releases and will undoubtedly continue to do so. You can connect with Theo on the links below.
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