Aspiring Canadian Star Mathew V Thrills With His New Album ‘Two Faced’ and Single ‘Not Sorry’

Canada-based rising talent Mathew V has delivered a sheer pop triumph with his third album, the freshly released Two Faced. The album dips between big brassy electronic pop bangers such as Catching Feelings and Still Not Over You and more introspective emotional anthems including a cover of stripped back cover of Britney’s Lucky, gentle piano dream Flashback, and current single Not Sorry.

The twenty-two year old Vancouver native captures the highs and lows of life on Two Faced, straddling moods of euphoric joy with more melancholic songs. It’s impossible to turn down the bombastic charm of Catching Feelings, the synth-swagger of The Coast, and the addictive dancefloor rhythm and chant-worthy chorus of Don’t Let Me Go – whilst Mathew’s charm as a performer remains effervescent on the album’s quieter moments.

Not Sorry is delicate track packed with heartfelt lyricism that deals with the end of a relationship, where one party isn’t sorry for their behaviour. Mathew’s vocals are packed with a heartfelt conviction, shining atop the engaging piano melody.

We’ve also got so much love for Mathew for releasing the album on vinyl, a perfect way to fully showcase the stunning artwork from Harrison Hebb. You can order the record here. Stream Two Faced in full now:

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