Revisiting Tommy Bravos’ Silky Dancefloor Delight ‘Charming’

We’re dipping back a couple of months now, but couldn’t resist featuring Tommy Bravos’ Charming. It’s an elegant, brassy pop anthem with a chorus that sticks with you thanks to Tommy’s lashings of charisma.

Opening with Tommy’s gentle, engaging and unforced vocals, against the silky instrumentation of brass and synths, Charming builds the tempo becoming a well-crafted piece of dancepop that commands you to a dancefloor. The track is further enhanced through rich backing vocals which add to the grand feel of the elegant pop anthem. The original track sees Tommy launch in a spoken word Greek break – which is truly gorgeous. The re-released version of Charming sees Ari Gato joining the party for a smooth rap that brings a further element of swagger to the fold.

Charming captures the magic and excitement of connecting with someone on the dancefloor. That immediate spark is explored as Tommy sings “Put your magic on me, Oh I need some love,” in the song’s addictive chorus.

Tommy is a Chicago based musician who has been delivering his unique blend of smooth and upbeat, theatrical synthpop since 2016. Previous releases include the stunning Divination and his album Different Kind of Night.

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