Music: Lance Bass Makes His Music Comeback With Walking On Air

We had pretty much given up all hope of our favourite member of N-Sync, Lance Bass, releasing any solo music – after all it has been twelve years since the band disbanded. However, out of the blue, the Mississippi-born singer has stunned us with a high-octane dance track, titled Walking On Air.

Walking On Air sees him team up with Australian producer Anise K and Rihanna-sound-a-like Bella Blue. Complete with slick production and catchy hooks – this is an extremely exciting start for Lance’s potential solo career – we just wish that he featured more prominently on the track instead of being drowned out by collaborators.

We would love to here a full album of similarly exciting bangers – but it seems that the singer is slightly more cautious about proceeding with further music, telling E! that he has “zero plans”.

You can watch the official video for the track below.

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