Meet Rising Star Joshua and His Dancefloor Anthems ‘Unorthodox’, ‘Icon’ & ‘Neon Nights’

We’re dipping back to 2019 to showcase some of English recording artist Joshua’s three singles. Not just a pretty face, Joshua has delivered three top-notch pop tracks since his March 2019 debut Icon.

Icon is a brash, ballsy introduction to Joshua as an artist, asserting him as a name that should be on your lips. With a heartbeat-raising beat powering through it, the track sees Joshua compare himself to pop icons from Whitney to Britney and Brando to Madonna. Joshua followed this with Neon Nights last August, the track is a gentle pop sizzler that dips into same sex relationships. The handsome singer notes: “[Neon Nights is] about living for the night and taking a chance on love. It explores the depths of same sex relationships and not being afraid to love whoever you want to love. It’s about falling in love on one single night and if it only lasts for that long then throw yourself in it whole heartedly because you never know what could become of it.”

Joshua’s most recent track to date is Unorthodox – another that speaks of themes that will resonate with gay audiences. Singing against a gentle clicking beat, Joshua’s smooth and confident vocals guide us through this track about self-empowerment. The singer describes Unorthodox is: “about embracing the unique qualities within yourself. I’ve never fit in a ‘box’ and have no ambition to. I have accepted that I may never be understood and that’s okay with me.”

Joshua has been teasing new things to come with an enigmatic Instagram post, and the caption ‘restart’ and hashtag #newmusic appearing on his socials.

You can stream Joshua’s tracks on the page. Connect with his social media below:

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