Meet Swedish Star Kristian Kaspersen and His Track ‘One Little Thing’

There are few people that can make pop music as slick, catchy and polished as the Swedes, yet queer musician Kristian Kaspersen has being doing so since 2012. Kristian is fresh from celebrating the success of his most recent track One Little Thing (currently racking up near 35,000 streams on Spotify) and its successful SoundFactory remixes.

Whilst the song did drop back in March and its remixes in April, we felt compelled to share Kristian’s music with our readers. The original track is a moody electronic anthem with atmospheric synth-soaked production and Kristian’s icy, controlled vocals which pack a subtle emotion in them. We’re also in love with the track’s SoundFactory Retro Mix which veers the decadent anthem even closer to the dancefloor, especially as the earworm of a chorus begins to take hold. In both forms, One Little Thing is pop music at its best.

The gorgeous Kristian has been delivering audience-friendly pop music that tackles a number of issues relevant to the queer community (culture, identity, desire and performance) since 2012. Other gems in his catalogue include Dancing Kween, Open Air, Big Black Hole EP, and his debut album The Last Temptation of Kristian Kaspersen. He is currently hard at work on a new album.

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