Yememi-German Duo Kabreet Release New Song ‘Ana Mashi’

Pairing gorgeous Arabic language with electronic production creates a unite blend that helps Kabreet stand as one of the most distinctive pop acts working today. The duo are fresh from the release of their latest track, the stunning Ana Mashi, which you can hear above.

Comprised of Yemeni visual artist, Ibi Ibrahim, and journalist/hip-hop DJ, Hanno Stecher, Kabreet mix percussion based and synth-heavy production with gorgeous poetic lyrics on their newest release. The duo have previously released albums “Momken Bokra” (Eng. “Maybe Tomorrow”) and their second album “Bidayat” in 2017. Kabreet’s latest Ana Mashi centres on themes of lost love feels entirely relevant for the global population as loved ones are split apart through national quarantines. This is something echoed in the beautiful, stark accompanying music video.

Kabreet continues to showcase that music can be enjoyed globally – even with language barriers in place. Beautiful sounds from melodies to vocals can relate with anyone.

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