Introducing Spanish Pop Duo ‘Ya Lo Creo’ and Their Track ‘Rancio’ (‘Rancid’)

Borders can’t confine great pop music and Spanish duo Ya Lo Creo have certainly provided that with their latest track Rancio – which translates as Rancid. The beautiful Madrid based stars present an electronic, new-wave inspired anthem that has echoes of a Latin Blondie – and that’s something we are very much here for.

The duo made up of Carmen and Paulo who are responsible for the composition, recording and production of ‘Rancio,’ an attitude filled track which is centred on the very amusing theme of realising “your friend’s boyfriend is complete pain in the ass.” The track is takes on a comic tone, but is certainly one centred towards the dancefloor. The Spanish word ‘Rancio’ is reserved for people who are surly, rude, and generally angry about everything – something that translates to all cultures and nationalities.

After releasing their first EP named ‘Ya Lo Creo’ last April, the duo are releasing this song as a taster of some of the new material they will be dropping in the not too distant future.

You can connect with Ya Lo Creo below:

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