Introducing Electropop Duo Moodbay

Producer and songwriter Alfie Cattell from Denbigh from Wales and vocalist-songwriter Anna Stephens from Darlington make up British pop duo Moodbay. The pair met in 2017 and have since gone on to have a productive relationship, releasing a number of singles since their debut track Listen Up. Most recently the duo have dropped two tracks this Summer: I Got You and Like Nobody Else.

Both tracks dip into the world of electropop and showcase a bold, creative sound. I Got You is a hypnotic club anthem with Anna’s dreamy vocals guiding us through Alfie’s bouncing electronic production. Like Nobody Else has echoes of classic eighties synthpop and sounds like it could quite easily be a forgotten gem of yesteryear. Conjuring up dream-like romantic imagery with lyrics such as ‘I could frame you and admire all your imperfections,’ Like Nobody Else is an impressive piece of escapist pop.

You can hear both tracks above/below. Connect with Moodbay on their Instagram here.